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Three Potential Treatment Options For Liver Spots

If you have a few liver spots on various parts of your body, you might often look for ways to conceal them. It's possible to hide liver spots on your face with makeup or wear long-sleeved shirts to cover liver spots on your forearms. These solutions aren't always convenient, however, and it can be worthwhile to look for better options if the appearance of your skin is bothering you. A local dermatologist can offer a number of different ways to treat your liver spots, which will remove them or reduce their visibility to the point that they're difficult to see. Here are three potential treatment ideas to discuss for this skin condition.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel treatments are useful for treating a wide range of skin conditions, including liver spots. This procedure, which your dermatologist can administer in their clinic, involves coating one or more areas of your skin with a specific chemical that removes the top layers of skin. As these layers disappear, so will your liver spots. Over time, new skin will grow back in these areas, and this new skin will be devoid of any liver spots.


Another procedure that your local dermatologist may recommend to reduce the visibility of your liver spots is dermabrasion. This procedure is as it sounds — the dermatologist uses a specialized abrasive tool to treat specific areas of your skin. This tool essentially grinds off the outer layers of your skin, taking the liver spots away. As with using a chemical peel, new skin will soon grow back to replace the skin that was removed. Once this process is complete, you'll have smooth, clear-looking skin in the areas where you used to have liver spots.

Lightening Creams

Your dermatologist can suggest other treatment methods that you can ask questions about and evaluate if they might be right for you. One popular option is to treat your liver spots with lightening creams. As their name suggests, these are creams that are designed to lighten the color of your liver spots. They can be effective on liver spots that are dark and very noticeable. Through a number of treatments with these creams, these spots can lighten in appearance to the point that they don't stand out nearly as much. If you have liver spots and want to reduce their appearance or get rid of them altogether, discuss one of these treatment options with your local dermatologist.

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