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Ideas To Protect Your Teen From Skin Cancer

As a parent of a teen, you likely have a lot that you worry about. Skin cancer shouldn't be one of those things. You can take steps to help protect your teen while also informing them about the best practices to avoid skin cancer dangers. The following ideas can help:

Invest in SPF-containing products

Getting a teen to put on sun block each time they leave the house can be challenging, so why not opt for an easier option? When purchasing body lotions, facial cosmetics, and even chapstick for your teen, opt for the brands that have a built-in SPF of at least 15. Although it's better to use sun block and make sure it is applied to every part of the body that isn't covered, using other SPF-containing products can at least ensure some protection when you teen forgets.

Provide fun protective measures

Encourage your teen to develop their own sense of fashion by offering to buy them sun-protection items. A new pair of large sunglasses and brimmed hats can provide quite a bit of protection from harmful UV rays. There are also clothing items that have built-in sun protection, including swimming suits and t-shirts. Encourage their style while encouraging sun safety.

Offer tanning salon alternatives

It can be hard on teens to ignore peer pressure, especially if all of their friends are getting summer tans in the salon. Fortunately, there are a lot of healthier alternatives. Although home tanning products can be hard to use or offer less than ideal results, there are salon options like spray tans that look just like the real thing without the UV exposure. Offer these alternatives to your teen so they won't be tempted under the dangerous UV lights.

Get an ally

Teens don't always listen to their parents, which is why it helps to have an ally. Your teen's pediatrician or dermatologist can be a very good ally when it comes to teaching sun safety. Talk with the doctor before your teen's normal visit and request that they go in detail about skin cancer dangers and provide your teen with some education on the subject. Often, a teen will feel more comfortable discussing subjects like this with a doctor, where as they may dismiss the same conversation with a parent as over-protectiveness or nagging.

Your teen will thank you later when a lifetime of smart sun exposure ensures them continued health. Contact a medical office like Strnot Dermatology for more information and assistance.