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Why You Should Choose Mohs For Skin Cancer Removal Surgery

If skin cancer has been identified on your body, then quick treatment is required to ensure recovery. You have a wide variety of treatment options available to you, and the vast majority include the physical removal of the cancerous tumor. Removal can occur in several different ways. However, you should opt for Mohs surgery if this is possible. Keep reading to learn about this surgery and why it is the most beneficial option:

What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is very similar to traditional excisional surgery where the cancerous tumor is physically removed with the help of a scalpel. However, many people find that the traditional excisional surgery is problematic based solely on the amount of tissue that is removed. Basically, the dermatologist will create a wide border around the tumor to make sure that all cancer cells are removed. This can create a wide and deep area in the skin. Stitches are required and a scar may develop. The surgical approach is the best way to fully excise the tumor though.

Mohs surgery has the benefit of removing cancerous tumors while leaving the most healthy tissues behind. During the surgery, the cancerous tumor is removed along with a small sliver of healthy tissue on the border of the excision site. The sliver of tissue is dyed and examined under a microscope for cancer cells. If cancer cells are found, another sliver of tissue is removed and dyed. This process continues until no more cancer cells are noted in the removed tissue. Stitches are then used to close the incision site. 

What Are The Benefits Of Mohs Surgery?

The main benefit of the surgery, as previously mentioned, is the fact that very little healthy tissue is removed. While this is true, the dying and the cell inspection process is also vital in ensuring a successful recovery. While traditional excisional procedures release a great deal of tissue, there is no true guarantee that all skin cancer will be removed. This is one reason why Mohs surgery has a bit of a higher success rate than a traditional one. 

You can request a Mohs surgery, but the treatment is often used if a traditional excisional procedure fails or if skin cancer is located in an area where large cuts can cause facial scarring. Sensitive areas around the eyes, mouth, and nose may require the precision of this treatment as well. 

Since Mohs surgery does have a much greater success rate, you should request it, even if you do not specifically need it. Contact a medical office that offers skin cancer treatments for more information and assistance.